Full Time Photographer with Josh Rossi

Whenever Apple needs a wedding photo, they use Sara France's photos. She spent many years being a "weekend warrior" until finally she was able to work full time as a photographer and live her dream. Learn how she completed this journey and how to apply her methods in your own life.

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Christina Peters is a photographer who has been around long enough to know that being a photographer doesn't mean just owning a camera. She has been beat out in many instances by food blog photographers and then recalled to do the photos because the blogger didn't know how to work with photos the way that a pro does. Learn how to make sure clients know that a pro is worth it and more in this episode of full time photographer.

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Tammy Swales is an expert in making everyday photos look amazing. She has crazy stories about how she has made her models look amazing even on off days. Learn how to be straightforward to your clients and make your images look spectacular.

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Nic Staveley is a photographer who understands that photography is a thing that can mean different things to different people and that it can change the way you think about some things. Learn how to make your photos do this and to make people feel emotion through photography.

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Eric Foley is not only a photographer but a business man who has connected with other wedding photographers to make a bigger more proffesional business. Learn how Eric and his colleauges began and how it can help you in your own endeavors.

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Fabiano Feijo works with many professionals out of their own homes to run an illustration and graphic design company that he owns called Gingerpic. His business design may not be entirely new but it is a new model that he has perfected. Learn how Fabiano runs his business and how to copy his business model.

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Manuello Paganelli is a photographer who has an interesting perspective on not only photography but life because he learned most of his english from country music and Johnny Cash. Learn how his influences have shaped him into the man he is today.

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Nick Adams has learned his lesson that taking initiative is the best way to make money in your business and that usually when you take the first step and call back your clients it ends up in your favor. Learn how Nick learned his lesson and how to use it in your own life.

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Jeffrey Shaw is a portrait photographer who used to shoot only in his own niche and he believed that if he worked in his one field he would be successful. Since then his ideas have changed to believe that a business must do more than a singular thing in this new age to survive.

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Jocelyn Filley is a lifestyle photographer who always tries to try new things and learn from her own experiences than using others. Learn how this will help your career and even personal life.

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Joy Vertz is a photographer who also is an educator who enjoys making other photographers more successful. Her site helps you to see what she has to offer and how to have a better business.

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Brandon Flint is a photographer who lives in Utah even though at first he believed that moving to LA was the answer. Learn why many photographers get the false illusion that moving to a more populated area will get them more work and how to avoid it.

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Daniel Bedell believes that when you stick to what you know you can't go wrong. Both you and the client will be happier when what you do is something that you're good at and you're passionate about.

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Brian Friedman is an entertainment, music and wedding photographer. He is also one of the official I-heart radio photographers and has shot celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga. He tells of an experience where he made a book of images for Lady Gaga and got to personally present it to her.

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Kirk Irwin is a sports photographer who talks about his journey to becoming a full time photographer. He talks about his low points all the way up to his high point of shooting at the NHL playoffs. He describes it as a once in a lifetime experience.

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Erik Almas is a photographer who started out with a definite idea of what he wanted to do but realized that there was something that he was missing. He explored other types of photography and learned what he really wanted. Learn how to do this in your own career. 

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Kristyna Archer is an advertising photographer who has focused on the conceptual side and she likes to have fun in her art. She believes that the more a photo tells you the less you know and that they can interest different people in different ways.

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Jeremiah Watt is not only an adventure photographer but also an adventurer. Many of his photos he is not only shooting but doing the activities as well, learn how to use your passions and experience to relay the messages you want in your photography.

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Kyle Dreier is a food photographer who has had a lot of different experiences that he says have connected him to his photography. By connecting the dots of his life you can see where he has been and maybe a little bit of what might come to be. Learn how to connect these dots in your own career and to plan for the future.

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Adventure awaits Jeremy Charles in every step of his career. He says that his photography gives him the opportunity to make adventure and make his life exciting. This belief comes out in his personality and helps to let him make lasting first impressions. Learn more about first impressions in this episode of full time photographer.

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Gary Norman is a photographer who knows what work is viable and good to use, he also knows that you must be hard on yourself in order to become better. Learn about editing and how to show photos that the clients want.

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Lou Bopp is a commercial photographer who makes it a priority to get his business insured. Lou shares an experience where he needed his insurance to protect one of his photo shoots. He also talks about a trip to Afghanistan where he got carried away shooting and forgot he had stepped into a mine field.

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